Agricultural Water

Information Project

  • Efficient water use is essential to managing our shared water resources.

    The Agricultural Water Information Project (AgWIP) is an initiative to provide agricultural water use information to agricultural producers in Colorado and Kansas to better inform their irrigation decisions. The program was created in response to a perceived lack of easily accessible water use information among irrigated agricultural producers. The motive of AgWIP is to address this lack of information and increase producers’ awareness of how their water use fits within the context of other agricultural water users in their area. We know that a good source of information for producers is often other producers, particularly those close by.

    AgWIP is a research project funded by the U.S. Department of Agriculture that is designed to provide water use information to producers and measure how this information may influence agricultural water use and production decisions. AgWIP’s information is based on available agricultural water use data, which we use to generate reports that we hope provides useful information for agricultural producers.